Tips And Benefits Of Installing Energy Efficient Appliances

12 January 2016
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There are many steps you can take in your home that will make it more suitable for your tastes, while also increasing your property value. With this in mind, upgrading to energy efficient, renewable appliances might be the best thing that you can do. Consider the benefits and tips for buying energy efficient appliances and do not hesitate to touch base with an electrician that can look out for you.  Read More 

3 Electrical Considerations When Constructing A Home Salon

9 December 2015
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Working in the beauty profession can be very rewarding. If you are hoping to increase your profitability, it can be beneficial to construct a salon in your home to eliminate booth rent expenses. To ensure that your home salon space will be functional, here are three electrical considerations that you must make during the construction process.  1. Be sure that you have the right kind of lighting. Access to the right kind of lighting is essential when working in a salon environment. Read More 

How To Hard Wire A Lighted Mirror For Applying Halloween Makeup

13 October 2015
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If you want to be sure that your Halloween makeup or special effects look perfect, you'll need good lighting. If your overhead light just doesn't do the trick, give yourself a treat and install a lighted wall mirror. It's relatively simple to power a hard wired (no plug) wall mirror from your existing overhead light if you can use a few simple tools and are not afraid of electrical work. Read More 

6 Tips For Preventing Electrical Shocks

5 October 2015
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When you get shocked by electricity, it possible to experience muscle pain, severe burns, seizures and even cardiac arrest, according to the Mayo Clinic  However, learning how to use electricity the right way can help you avoid serious injuries. Here are six helpful tips for preventing electrical shocks: Do not Run Too Many Appliances in the Same Outlets It is not a wise idea to plug in too many appliances in the same outlet. Read More 

How To Add An Outlet For Kitchen Appliances

10 August 2015
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Many kitchen appliances are sold with very short power cords that won't reach the floor level outlets that are found in many homes. Luckily, it is very simple to add a higher outlet to an existing floor level outlet. What you will need: Outlet and cover plate You can buy both for less than two dollars in a discount or home improvement store. Outlet box This will be installed inside the wall for the new outlet. Read More